XPro Arts was established in 2007 to shed light on matters and subjects that are conventionally labelled as “unimportant”; hence are often ignored. A lot of the current struggles we face as a society are byproducts of our ideologies and practices from the past. We feel responsible to give voice to such matters by bringing them to the art table, through an amalgamation of performances that involve a cohesion of both body and mind.


After dancing and performing at a wide array of theatres and education institutions (where art feeds art), I felt that it was triggering a vicious cycle inhibiting creativity; and hence I was no longer feeling coherent on or off the floor. I wanted to break and search for new grounds, not only for me but for an audience that is not too exposed to contemporary dance; all the while hoping that this will be a curve full of learning and exploration for everyone involved. In turn, XPro Arts wants to work on the frontline of this ever-changing world.


Established in 2007, XPro Arts is a contemporary performing arts platform by Sudesh Adhana and his invited collaborators with its first project titled as “Incident Compromised”. Born and brought up in Tigaon, which is a village in the district of Faridabad (State of Haryana) in India, Sudesh comes from a small farming family which saw him move to Norway in 2006. This is where he pursued his graduation at KHIO (National College of Arts), passing with a Bachelor’s Degree in Contemporary Dance.