Evening Prayer

Indian Trailer

The work aims to encourage the audience to reflect and rethink the way we are engaging with our political landscape. Highlight the dangers of polarization, dogmatic laws and the result of non-action or silences or indifference to a discrimination towards minority.

Performers and co-creators on stage : Deepak Kurki Shivaswamy, Lalit Khatana, Purnendra Kumar Meshram, Deepanwita Roy
Light Design : Niranjan Gokhle
Costumes and Scenography : Rency Philip
Residency : Play practice residency, Bangalore
Studio: Attakalari , Bangalore
Project Head Indian Team : Deepak K.S.

Evening Prayer

Norwegian Trailer

Performers and co-creators on stage : Durga Biswokarma , Oliver Sale, Stian Bergdølmo, Sarjo Sankareh, Sudesh Adhana.
Light design : Paul Vidar Savarang
Stage manager / Audio & Visual : Kim Aleksendersen.
Residency Partners: Sparng at Ål Kulturhus,  R.E.D residency Eina danz, Norway

Video : Camille Lacadee
Music : Houwida Gulli
Project Concept and Idea : Sudesh Adhana & Deepak Kurki Shivaswamy
Producer : Frida Skinner
Production Collective : XPro Arts
Funded By : Arts council Norway ( norsk Kulturrådet )